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Our Story

  • Mauro's Kitchen Restaurant
  • Mauro's Kitchen Restaurant
  • Mauro's Kitchen Restaurant

Our Mission

Mauro's Kitchen is dedicated to providing our customers the finest quality food and best service in town!

Types of food we offer:
  1. Mexican Food- Enchiladas, Tacos, Burritos, Tamales, Green Chili Sloppers...
  2. Italian Food- Sausage, Meatballs, Pastas, Pizza...
  3. American Food- Cheeseburgers, Pizza, Fries...

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Mauro’s Kitchen was started by Ted and Rebekah Mauro of Pueblo, Colorado – (Home to the famous Pueblo Green Chili Pepper and Sloppers) Ted & Rebekah have established a reputation of quality great tasting food all over the country. In 2002, Mauro’s Kitchen began making and supplying handmade delicious burritos in their hometown of Pueblo CO. Since then, they have expanded to over 200 retailers in 17 states including Loaf n’ Jug & Kwik Shop and have sold millions of burritos. Every Burrito in these C-Stores are handmade in a USDA Certified kitchen, using quality ingredients without fillers.

Along with their great burritos, Mauro’s Kitchen creates a variety of Green Chili, Tamales and so much more using only Family Recipes. The tortillas that are used for these burritos are made for Mauro’s Kitchen with natural preservatives to give only the best texture and flavor in every bite. As of May 2017 Mauro’s has added a line of MAURO’S RED & GREEN SALSA to their products that you can purchase locally or shipped. If you have a store or specialty food shop, they offer wholesale. Give them a call.

With such a passion for quality & delicious food, Ted and Rebekah continue to build Mauro’s Kitchen into a household name. The Mauro’s feel there is no greater pleasure in this business than to hear how friends, family and strangers alike are enjoying the fruits of their hard work and passion. With that said, they have no intentions of stopping there… Ted and Rebekah have began a new chapter in their culinary novel and would like to share it with the world!